Safety Policy

Operating in the Oil & Gas health, safety and environment are of paramount importance, that's the rationale Azimarine and General Services Limited operates an occupational Health and Safety management system based on requirements of: BS 8800:1996. Guide to occupational Health and safety management. OHSAS 18001:1999 Occupational Health and Management System Specifications. Health Safety and Environment guidance publication HS(G)65 Successful Health and Safety Management.
In terms of operation, the system is closely modeled on our existing ISO 19001:1994 quality management system. Furthermore Azimarine recognizes that good health and safety management is essential and will contribute to our longtime business success. Accordingly Azimarine is committed to providing a safe place of work, promoting health and safety measures, promoting accident prevention; encouraging involvement in improved safety performance, ensuring that procedures are followed and vetting the safety provisions of clients
All activities performed by the company are subject to formal risk assessment and the significant findings are documented. It is also the policy of Azimarine that compliance with Environmental protection and performance criteria shall have high priority in the course of its business activities.
Concern for the environment forms an integral and fundamental element of the company's strategy. Accordingly, Azimarine is committed to providing and encouraging involvement in improved environmental performance, ensuring that procedures are followed, vetting environmental provisions of clients and complying with all legal requirements and relevant environmental regulations.

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