About Us


Azimarine's summit is straight forward: We want to be your company of choice for an extensive range of oilfield products, services and logistic support that will help your company produce oil/gas more efficiently and profitably
During the past years, Azimarine has taken a number of steps towards reaching this goal. We have significantly re-organized our management structure to enhance our capabilities and ensure prompt service delivery to our clients. We have taken a revolutionary approach in repositioning ourselves for the challenge ahead by significantly upgrading and expanding our equipment and capabilities through outright acquisition and integrated technical partnership relationship.
We also have made ourselves more agile and responsive to oil/gas industry changes. These action includes reorganizing Azimarine into four (4) focused division: Corrosion Protection, Marine Services, Field Engineering/Maintenance Support, Foreign Procurement. While each provides distinct products and expertise, all of them share the common elements of Azimarine's reputation for service and our strong commitment to clients satisfaction. On another note we are investigating and pursuing ways to make it even easier to do business with Azimarine. We are developing our database, secured Internet sites for developing technical proposals and communication upgrade. We will also continue to package our products and services in ways that streamline your point of contact process, but still offer Azimarines depth of technical services. Having properly positioned ourselves for the challenges ahead this millennium; more cost effective to do business with us.

Our Clients