Milestone Projects

Some of our completed projects

MPNU-QIT - Surface Preparation and Coating of 11# Wellhead platforms Contract Agreement No. 2550052

MPNU-QIT - Surface Preparation and Coating of 6# Wellhead Helidecks

MPNU-QIT - Fabrication and Supply of 100 waste collection bins for Ministry of Environment, Akwa Ibom State Government

MPNU-QIT - Maintenance Support FMV Royal service

MPNU-QIT - Diving Support Vessel, MV krantor

MPNU-QIT - Repair of Edop Complex Boat Landing

NGL/OSO-BONNY - Provision of Ferry Service

MPNU-QIT - Blasting & Painting of Edop Structure

MPNU-QIT - Repairs of Bund Wall around Tank 5006

MPNU-QIT - Renovation of bar building at Pagasus club

MPNU-QIT - Reconstruction of a chain link fence at SPM hose yard

MPNU-QIT - Construction of Dining Hall, Mkpanak

MPNU-QIT - Sand Blasting and Coating of QIT Aviation Storage

DAEWOO/CBI-QIT - Provison of Technical Manpower

MPNU-QIT - Cathodic Protection Installation at Ibeno Jetty

NISSCO-QIT - Provision of Technical Manpower (Coded Welders, Pipe Fitters, Operators, Mechanics, Electricians, Engineers)

MPNU-QIT - Sandblasting & Painting of Jet AI Fuel Tank

MPNU-QIT - Erection of Water Tower

SHELL-FOCADOS - Flowline Construction at Focados Terminal

MPNU-QIT - Construction of Access Road to Oso Tank Farm

MPNU-QIT - Fabrication & Coating of three Marine Bouys for MPN Offshore facilities

MPNU-QIT - Fabrication & Installation of 2 Flowlines required to produce well on YOHO ZBA Platform

MPNU-QIT - Provision of National & Expatriate Personnel to perform Construction Supervisory/Survey

MPNU-QIT - Fabrication of Marine Bouys for Offshore Mooring

MPNU-QIT - Re-coating of Corroded Areas of twenty three Crane Booms on MPN Offshore Platforms

MPNU-QIT - Provision of Export Tanker and Crew

MPNU-QIT - MHE 3B Access Road Construction

PTF, UYO - Water Supply & Distribution at University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State